302 North Access Road I-20 (Exit 300) Clyde, Texas 79510

Happy Trails Furniture Pricing and Policies

We realize a lot of shopping is done over the internet and phone these days.  And while we welcome the digital age and love the internet and phone ourselves – we have found that we cannot give the high quality service we desire this way.  Our commitment is to you and your satisfaction, so we invite you to come in, take your time shopping, ask us questions and let us help you choose the furniture that fits your lifestyle, budget, personality and style.  We promise a no hassle experience!


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Take a tour and you will just love Happy Trails Rustic Western Furniture

Located along I-20, Happy Trails Furniture Store is an easy drive east of Abilene and west of Dallas-Fort Worth. Come see over 30,000 sq. feet of high-quality, unique furniture to fit your personality and style.